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A revolution in karting with a new banking turn for Experience Factory Eupen

ProKarting has always been at the forefront of karting innovation, always pushing the limits of what’s possible in the world of kart track design and construction. Our latest project at Experience Factory Eupen has not only redefined the European karting experience, but has also set a new global benchmark with the introduction of a revolutionary feature – the banked corner.

The Banking Turn: Defying Gravity

Elevation Change: 3.1 meters | Structure Track Length: 35 meters | Minimal Space Requirement: 350 square meters | Building Time: 300 hours

In September, the karting world experienced an amazing feat of engineering: the Experience Factory circuit in Eupen inaugurated a spectacular banked corner. This engineering masterpiece took karting to new heights, literally, with a stunning 3.1 metre drop.

Engineering Excellence: The ProKarting Advantage

At ProKarting, we’re proud of our strong focus on excellence in kart track design and construction. The creation of this exceptional elevated karting corner is the result of meticulous planning, innovative engineering and an unfailing devotion to delivering an unforgettable karting experience.

The introduction of the elevated corner challenges the traditional norms of karting tracks, offering a thrilling experience that defies gravity. Kart drivers will not only have to face the speed, but also the exhilarating sensation of racing on a banking. This revolutionary feature should attract karting fans from all over the world to Experience Factory Eupen.

Engineering Excellence: The ProKarting Advantage

Safety is a priority for ProKarting, and the Experience Factory Eupen elevated corner is no exception. Our team of experts have ensured that the corner is not only a thrilling adventure, but also a safe one, with state-of-the-art safety measures in place to guarantee a worry-free karting experience.

Karting reaches new heights

As we continue to push the limits of kart design and construction, ProKarting remains your trusted partner in creating unforgettable karting adventures. Join us and be part of the karting revolution – where adrenaline meets innovation at every corner.

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