Our Offer

We do not limit ourselves to the design track, we can advise you from A to Z.

Our barrier system will ensure a soft impact for your drivers and karts.

Our M3 race resin is designed for karting tracks and is extremely durable

They will increase the adrenaline factor and make the track longer.

The pitlane is the engine of every track and needs to enable a perfect workflow

We offer column & wall protectors, helmet ventilation cabinets, race control desks, etc.

The Karttech racewear completes our offer, you can customize it or be more flexible with our Karttech branded products

ProKarting is official dealer of BEBA tyres, a high-quality European product.

Track design & Consulting

Track Design

A winning circuit design is our speciality and one of the most decisive elements of your venue’s success:

  • First of all: your track needs to be addictively fun and super safe at the same time.
  • Your track needs to have the right balance between fast straights and technical curves
  • Your track needs to be adapted for groups, with a wide variation of driving skills, that are racing at the same time.
  • Every type of driver should love the track layout.
  • Your tracks should have as little as possible impact zones .
  • There should be overtaking opportunities, also for drivers of a very similar driving level.
  • Racing your track can’t be too exhaustive, so you can optimize the spent per person.

We are very proud that the number of returning customers is very high on the circuits we design


We do not limit ourselves to designing karting tracks, we can advise you from A to Z:

  • Feasibility study
  • Business plan
  • Customer journey
  • Operational workflow
  • Product Price Mix advice
  • Ventilation Studies

Pro Barriers

A good track design and a good barrier system go hand-in-hand to create the safest possible racing experience. Our barrier system is developed to achieve the following goals:

  • Make your customers feel special thanks to the modern, clean & professional atmosphere. Everything is customizable.
  • Make your drivers feel safe thanks to our highly effective shock absorption system that will ensure a soft impact for your drivers, also for the very fast pro drivers. Our system is dimensioned using the highest standards.
  • Make your clients feel important because you have time for them. Our barrier system protects the karts at impact and the track needs only minimal maintenance so you can focus on your clients.

Although our barrier system looks uniform from the frontside, depending on its position on the track our engineers determine the type of impact system that needs to be used on the backend. Our tracks can always be driven in both directions. Our barriers have been approved by the French Federation of Automobile Sport, the FFSA.

Race Resin

Our M3 race resin is designed for karting tracks and has multiple advantages:

  • Create a racing atmosphere thanks to the elegant matte black look for concrete surfaces.
  • Generate a perfect level of grip, while controlling tire wear. Generate a constant grip level between the ground level and multi-level parts of the track.
  • You can easily add signage for safety and customization reasons.
  • Decrease maintenance thanks to the extreme durability of our race-resin

Steel Multilevel structures

Give some character to our your track, with our custom build steel structures. Our inhouse engineers design your steel structure, with following important characteristics:

  • We make sure the track stays wide enough for a safe driving experience, also on and under the multi level constructions.
  • We ensure a smooth race experience thanks to the super soft transitions.
  • By smart design there is an important vibration and noise reduction!
  • Our barrier system is seamlessly integrated, to save space
  • A lot of aesthetic details differentiate us from the rest.

Our steel structures are used for 2 reasons:

Increase The Adrenaline Factor
These steel structures will not make your track much longer but will make it more exciting and can be considered as one of the best marketing tools.

Increase Track Length

Making your track much longer, create that 3D racing experience, that’s why we propose our custom engineered multi-level steel structures!

pitlane equipment

The pitlane is the engine of the track. A well-considered pitlane can significantly increase your ROI and even more important, improve the safety of your customers. We have several products to design that perfect pitlane:

  • Railings
  • Charging Structures
  • Catwalks

Track Accessories

Our track accessories will complete your circuit:

  • Column & Wall Protectors
  • Ventilated helmet cabinet
  • Pit desk
  • Podium

Karttech Race Wear

Our Karttech racewear products complete our offer, and they make us a one-stop shop for all professional karting track owners.

These are the products that every karting track needs on a permanent basis. We offer racewear that is especially designed for karting with the exact price/quality to satisfy your customers and maximize your margin. We offer maximal customization possibilities, or you can be more flexible by ordering our Karttech branded racewear.


ProKarting is official dealer of BEBA tires. We’re very happy to be able to offer this high-quality European product. BEBA tires excel in their durability and have uniform dimensions, which is very good for your karts.

There are different types of tires used for rental karting. Every type is available for Fuel Karts and for Electric karts. We also propose a full testing/consultancy service to make sure you choose the right tires, at the right pressure with the right kart settings for your track.

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