If you feel it is time to renovate your track, then you will see that our barrier system combined with a new resin and in some cases a great multi-level structure, can give your business a new boost!

If you feel that we can provide the right solution, don’t hesitate to contact us! 

If you want to, we can analyze your project, start designing and advise you on the steps to take to give your track a new vibe. Once we agree on a final track design, material can be delivered within 8 weeks.

We can provide a full service and take care of the complete installation. But if you have a team with some technical skills, you can reduce costs and install the pro-resin and pro-barriers with your team using our detailed user manual and the guidance of our project manager. We combine installation and track maintenance training.

If you want to add a multi-level structure, delivery time will be 16 weeks and these structures will always be installed by our team, following all European safety regulations.