track components

These Track components are the result of years of in-house product development! We always search for the perfect balance between: maximum safety, a modern look, low maintenance and high durability.

pro barriers

Our barriers are designed to achieve the following goals

  • Create the modern & professional atmosphere your customers will love
  • Easy to install
  • A soft impact for your drivers
  • Minimum damage to the karts at impact
  • Minimum maintenance for your team

They consist of the following components:

ProKarting - Karting track impact protection - Aufprallschutz Kartbahn - Bescherming tegen botsingen op de kartbaan

High Impact double absorption

For places with higher impact, we recommend our unique but still compact high impact system:

  1. The first absorption is relatively flexible, for the first impact.
  2. The second layer is a re-enforced flexible tube. This tube absorbs the highest impacts.

This system is interchangeable with our regular absorption system. No need to change the pillars.

This methode is the absolute best solution on the market!

Burneys PROKARTING best kartbahn bauer best kartbaan bouwen meilleure constructeur de piste de karting

Impact absorption system

Impact absorption springs DIN EN 10270-1 to generate a very good impact performance.
Primer and after treatment with KTL and tested according to DIN EN ISO 9227.

Karthalle Mainz kartbahn by PROKARTING

Impact plates

High density polyethylene plates and connection plates with a special kart-track composition, you can place an absorption system every meter. On the high impact places, you can easily add extra pillars (every 0.5m is necessary on some places). Available in black, but other colors available on request.

Pitlane PROKARTING track builder kartbahn bauen kosten kartbaan bouwen construire karting


High quality lettering personalized with your branding.

Do not hesitate to contact us, even if your plans are not final yet. We can help you make the right key decisions, make a feasibility study and/or bring you in contact with other leisure entrepreneurs.

pro resin

This M3 resin specially designed for karting tracks has the advantage of :

  • Create an elegant matte black look on concrete surfaces
  • Generate a perfect level of grip, while controlling tire wear.
  • Decrease maintenance thanks to the extreme durability of the coating
  • We can change the colors of the areas outside the turns to add your house style, even on the track.

The composition of our resin for the exterior lines is different from that of the track itself, in order to create optimal durability. This resin can also be applied on asphalt. It can also be used to apply logos on your track!

pro multilevel structure

The objective of our multi-level structures is to create an thrilling experience for both professional and beginner drivers. The sky is not the limit with these multi-level structures. They are solid steel structures, which are wide enough to enhance as smooth race.

Burneys PROKARTING best kartbahn bauer best kartbaan bouwen meilleure constructeur de piste de karting

Fits all structure

We offer a limited range of smaller, fits all tracks, structures like:

  • Bankings
  • Up & downs

These structures create that extra cool factor for an acceptable budget.

ProKarting - installation of karting track with resin

custom structure

For a variety of reasons, it can be interesting to create a custom engineered multi-level structure for your venue:

Every m² is important, you can create a lot of double even triple usage per m² thanks to a larger multi-level construction

You customers love the extra gravity sensations that come with multilevel

The integrated pillars are designed so the same absorption system and impact plates can be used on the steel structure. The pillars are completely integrated on the multilevel structure to maximise the track surface on the structure.

All certificates for the European market are available, CE certification and a declaration of performance is included.

See our recent work here

pro pitlane

We offer a range of special pitlane products, so you can efficiently and above all safely organize your operational flow.

ProKarting - installation of karting track with resin

pit tubes

We work with a rectangular steel tube to create a safe passage from the logistic zone to the pitlane. But also, to create a safe passage in the pitlane trough the protection of the walking lanes with these pit-tubes.

The tube has a HDPE band on the kart side, to avoid damaging the karts. It has a tread plate finishing on top to avoid sliding. The weight is apx. 40kg/m. This is a very ridged construction to keep everything on its place.

ProKarting - installation of karting track with resin

Rigid pit barriers

round the entire slow part of the pitlane we propose rigid barriers, this is the same barrier system but without the impact absorption system. The HDPE plates are directly fixed to the pillars.

PROKARTING Charging of Rollsystem karts - Aufladen von Rollsystem-Karts, Elektro-Karts - Rechargement des karting électrique - Opladen van Rollsystem karts, elektrische karts

electrical charger structure

Our electrical charging structure is a light steel structure that is placed, so the charging procedure of your electrical karts is much safer and hassle free.

Are you interested in Race wear?

pro ventilation

Every indoor track that uses petrol karts, understands the difficulty of maintaining the proper maximum CO levels. Pro Karting can assist your kart centre, with the design of a fully automated ventilation systems which continuously detects the CO-level on your track and keeps the CO level within the preselected scope.

It also keeps electrical consumption under control because it only works when the CO levels get too high and stops automatically once low enough.