Between the moment you start to consider investing in a karting center and opening day, there is a long fascinating journey, with many defining decisions to make. ProKarting can advise you in every step you take:


Study phase

Are you thinking about opening a new track, taking over an existing track or maybe renovating your track? In this study phase, it is extremely important to talk to experts in the field and get inspired by other leisure entrepreneurs.

In a very early stage you need to determine some very important parameters:

  • Electrical or Petrol karts?
  • The surface of the building, the spaces between the columns, the free height, …
  • The location of the karting track in your building.
  • ….

Do not hesitate to contact us, even if your plans are not final yet. We can help you make the right key decisions, make a feasibility study and/or bring you in contact with other leisure entrepreneurs.


Design Phase

If the basics are decided, we can start the designing process together. Based on your vision of how your kart center should look like, we design a karting center that will create loyal returning customers.

We also place great emphasis on making your karting venue easy to manage. With our expertise there will be no beginner mistakes and the ROI of your track will be higher. The sooner we can enter in the process, the better the result.

While designing your track, we will consider following parameters:


  • Design a fun and fluid track
  • Design a track that is large enough so also groups with mixed levels of drivers have a great experience.
  • Add technical parts, so good drivers can make a difference.
  • Create overtaking possibilities.
  • Thanks to our multi-level structures we can play with gravity.
  • Create a modern environment that makes your clients feel special
  • Keep future development options open!


  • Our track designs make the difference, they will keep your customers safe.
  • Accident free pitlane design
  • Soft impact for drivers when they hit the barriers
  • Perfect Marshall positions.
  • For petrol karts we can design and dimension a ventilation system
  • Make the work of your marshals so easy so they can focus on your customers and their safety!

Operational Excellence

  • Maximal usage of the available floor space
  • Maximize the lap time per square meter
  • An easy hassle-free customer journey
  • Minimize damage to the karts at impact
  • Low track maintenance
  • An efficient pitlane design, that dramatically enhances your ROI.

Project phase

By now you have approved the final design drawings and our Project Management team comes in action. We will organise a thorough on-site inspection before we start the production of all materials needed.

We will create a detailed schedule for installation in cooperation with all other project contractors. We will keep you accurately up to date of the process.

Your dream Karting Center will soon become reality!


Operational phase

After having created the perfect karting circuit and customer flow, it is time to attack all other operational challenges. Most problems are already neutralized in the previous phases. But there will still be questions like:

  • How do I do a good security briefing?
  • How to deal with groups of kids and adults?
  • In case of organising a professional race: how do I do a quick change, how do I do weight controls, … ?

It is important that you know that we are there for you, also after the project is finalized! You can keep counting on our operational tips & tricks!


Improvement phase

You have been open for some time now, and it is important to keep the number of visitors high, and if possible, increase this number. Continuously improving your center is key to achieve this goal.

Therefor you can count on us to keep you informed of new developments in the karting industry. Or we can advise you to add new existing features.