Pro Barriers

Pro Barriers

A good track design and a good barrier system go hand-in-hand to create the safest possible racing experience. Our barrier system is developed to achieve the following goals:

  • Make your customers feel special thanks to the modern, clean & professional atmosphere. Everything is customizable.
  • Make your drivers feel safe thanks to our highly effective shock absorption system that will ensure a soft impact for your drivers, also for the very fast pro drivers. Our system is dimensioned using the highest standards.
  • Make your clients feel important because you have time for them. Our barrier system protects the karts at impact and the track needs only minimal maintenance so you can focus on your clients.

Our engineers calculate the highest possible impacts and determine the type of impact system that needs to be used. Our tracks can be used in 2 directions on request.

Our barriers have been approved by the French Federation of Automobile Sport, the FFSA.

Our Customers

We are convinced that through the combination of operational experience and technical know-how, we can make a defining impact on the racing experience that you can offer to your customers