Track design

We design tracks where all types of drivers can race fast and have fun in the safest possible way. You can host race leagues, company events, kids’ birthday parties, … every type of group will love the adrenaline kick you offer them!

We master the art of creating overtaking opportunities, also for drivers of a very similar driving level. This is a key element that will dramatically enhance the racing experience of every participant.

Racing on our tracks is addictive and will guarantee greater customer loyalty. Our tracks offer a variety of challenges, which will give drivers the desire to come back in order to improve their lap time.

We assist you in determining the best possible basic setup for your circuit. Do not hesitate to contact us, even if your plans are not final yet.


We do not limit ourselves to designing circuits, we can advise you from A to Z:

  • Feasibility study
  • Decision on the purchase of a building/property
  • Business plan
  • Designing the perfect leisure venue
  • Customer journey
  • Operational workflow
  • Product Price Mix advice

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Ventilation Studies

In case you use fuel karts, we can help you dimension and control your ventilation system:

  1. We study the type and number of fans needed
  2. We supply the electrical cabinet with frequency regulators, control unit, …
  3. We have access to the control unit from our offices so we can test and maintain the system.

The result is that your fans will only be turning when and at the right frequency that is needed to keep the CO under control while keeping electrical consumption down.