ProKarting was founded in 2020 based on the combined talents of Evelien, Sam and their Team:


She is also the founder of Karting Eupen and after more than 17 years of operating and continuously improving her track into the successful business it is today, it was time to share that passion and experience with other kart track owners all over the world.


He is a technical engineer with a passion for product development. When Karting Eupen moved to his new location in 2014, Sam designed and improved every kart track related product there is.

Karting Eupen

This is one of the longest indoor tracks (1100m) worldwide. Eupen offers the best racing experience to all types of clients: from the 7 year old starter, to the business client, to the pro driver who races with 13hp karts. Eupen delivered multiple SWS world champions over the last years. All this to say, if it works for Eupen, it works for every track!

Prokarting Team

The Pro Karting Team

We are convinced that through the combination of operational experience and technical know-how, we can make a defining impact on the racing experience that you can offer to your customers. This all while keeping the operational load as low as possible. Our innovative mindset will make sure that the proposed product range will keep evolving.