If you are the owner of a karting center or an indoor playground for kids and you want to invest in a super cool kids karting track, for kids from 3-8 years, then we have the right solution for you!

It will have the exact look of today’s most modern karting tracks but in kids size. We can even include a multi-level structure. So, no more fairground tracks, but the real thing, at kid size!

Is this exactly what you are looking for? Then don’t hesitate to contact us, even in an early stage of your project!

We can provide a full service and take care of the complete installation. But if you have a team with some technical skills, you can reduce costs and install the pro-resin and pro-barriers with your team using our detailed user manual and the guidance of our project manager. We combine installation and track maintenance training. The multilevel structures ar always installed by our team, following all European safety regulations.


We can also advise you in the choice of the right electrical kart for these kind of tracks:

  • They are produced by the best kart manufacturer worldwide.
  • Adults can accompany their young kids.
  • This kart is fitted with a token mechanism and has an easily configurable control unit.
  • It can race 1 complete day without recharge.
  • There is no need for a person dedicated to this activity.