When you’re building a track, you hope to create an unforgettable experience, an experience that your customers will adore, an experience that creates memories. Just like that hit song it needs some essential ingredients:

  • It needs to have its own original vibe
  • It needs that perfect rhythm
  • Every type of driver needs to love it
  • It needs a good flow and team behind it
  • The quality needs to be perfect
  • In the right setting, it will make more impact.

Let’s find the right atmosphere for your karting track

Every track layout is different and needs to be customized to your vision. By getting to know you, we understand much better how the vibe of the karting venue should be. Does it needs to be very urban, VIP or old school? Everything is possible thanks to the high level of customization we offer.

Therefore, it is extremely important to schedule a first conversation before starting to design.

just like a hit song,

The driving rhythm is essential for every track. A track where you never have to brake is very boring. On the other hand, a track that is way to technical, where an amateur never seems to be able to get some speed is more frustrating than addictive. Finding that sweet spot for a kart track that is not too easy, but also not too difficult, so even an amateur has the skills to drive fast without it being dangerous. That is the track that will make your customers come back, that is the venue that you customers will recommend to others!

The experience you offer on your karting track

As much as possible drivers need to love the karting experience you offer them, from the hesitant beginner to the world champion. And let’s be realistic, they often all drive at the same time… There is nothing more frustrating than a track without overtaking opportunities. We build kart tracks where the world champion can not only overtake the novice at any moment, but also a driver that is only 0,01 sec slower than him on at least one point on the track. The balance between trackwidth and keeping the most amount of karts safely driving at the same time is our specialty and one of the most important keys to a successful kart track.

The importance of team, flow, and pitlane placement

Your track makes you even more happy when it generates a great revenue! Step one is making an addictive track, but at least as important is “the machine” that makes it work. To ensure this you need a great team. But a great team team can only do it’s magic with a perfect customer flow. The position, size, and accessories of your pitlane are always the starting point of any good track design. Every minute lost per start of a new session will compound into fortunes lost over time.

lets fint the right atmosphere for your karting track

You can implement the perfect track layout, in an ideal setting with an amazing team. But if it causes safety issues or if it needs to be repaired all the time, the experience and/or the profitability are not as they could be. Our products have the highest quality in the market and therefore have the lowest maintenance costs. When we create new products we always go for the safest, most durable solution, with the lowest “cost of ownership” possible.

Investing in your track for a positive change

your karting track and the mindset of your drivers can completely change the experience. A venue that is not well maintained with rude staff will always make drivers have less respect, cause more aggressive situations on track, and has a low feelgood level.

A clean and modern venue with a likeable staff will change the experience with a night and day difference. That is why investing in your track is so crucial!

So, let’s create an amazing song – I mean…  track together :)