Today, we are all very dependent on highly volatile market prices, such as energy or fuel prices. Purchase prices we cannot easily control.

However, we can controle the controllable!

The probability that prices will drop in the near future is low.
In times of high inflation, the best strategy is always to have a high stock level. Since the supply of certain goods can be unstable, making sure that you have certain products in stock makes your business less dependent on the current market situation.

Every track needs the following products regularly, and the price can be fixed on the day of ordering:

  • Spare parts & tires for karts
  • Spare parts for track repair
  • Rental gear like helmets, neck & rib protectors
  • Balaclavas and gloves
  • Cleaning products, office equipment, …

Efficient logistical solutions

A challenge you might face if you order a big quantity of product is the storage space. Although we advise you to order more items to reduce their cost, as well as sending everything in a single shipment, your venue might not have enough space to store it all.

ProKarting is specialized in international transport and storage. Shipping a box or a full truck, we will organize the best solution, matching your needs. With our conveniently located warehouse, we can offer swift delivery across Europe.